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Robotime is a world class 3D puzzle manufacturer. Robotime produces over 300 DIY items. They range from robotic dinosaur's, cars, airplanes and famous buildings plus many other DIY items.

Robotime have created a technology to create real fun, providing the ability to really engage with your family and provide super enjoyment for all! But don't take our word for it, if you have not watched the video above do it now and you will be astounded at what happens when the models have been completed. It is as though you can really bring the dinosaur's to life, the solar models will provide real action to the propellers on the airplane and helicopter, challenge yourself and your kids these are just stunning tech without any grief.

"Total Puzzle Solutions" Robotic Walking Prehistoric Animals, Solar Energy Toys.

There is something special about seeing the smile on children's faces when they have achieved something special. Construction building a model, Activation. Your child will bring this model to life using Robotime technology, the big bonus is seeing that smile.

Keep in mind: the parents get the enjoyment too just like the kids, we are all just looking for ways to get closer to the people we love and do something special together.

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“Peace at last...”

“For once our family have something we can really enjoy together, the problem is I am not certain who gets the most enjoyment putting these together, the kids or my husband.”

Ellen McKenzie
- Wellington NZ
John Doe UI/UX Designer